Why Should You Be Meditating Right This Moment?

Meditation is all the rage these days. There’s books, courses and iPhone apps. But does it actually help? Well, it does more than just help. The benefits of meditation are incredibly large and diverse. Let’s take a look.benefits-of-meditation

Slows Down Aging

Meditating daily can actually slow down the aging process. A recent study has shown that daily meditation can actually decrease the volume loss in the brain. Subjects that meditated for twenty years or so had more grey matter volume when compared to those that did not meditate. This shows that meditation can be an incredibly powerful tool to slow down mental decline.

Slows Down The Monkey Mind

Mindfulness meditation can slow down the brain. There is a part of the brain called the default mode network (also known as the monkey brain). Going from one thought to the next is associated with lower happiness, since most of these thoughts can create anxiety and worry.

Reduces Stress

Mindful meditation can reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. Many diseases are linked to stress. So it makes sense that lowering stress reduces the likelihood of getting sick or helping with current sicknesses. Daily practice can help you cope better with challenging situations and helps cope with excessive stress.

Scientific studies have even shown that meditation increases electrical activity in the frontal lobe, associated with optimistic thoughts. So it can make you a more optimistic and happy person.

Better Than Antidepressants

Suffering from depression? Chuck away those pills, because studies have shown that meditation can be more effective than an antidepressant. So it can make you a happier person as we have seen, but it can actually lift your mood enough to cure depression.

If these benefits aren’t enough to make you want to start meditating, then I doubt you ever will be convinced to start.

Looking For The Real-Life NZT Brain Pill From Limitless?

real life NZT Limitless brain pill
Is Lumonol as powerful as NZT? We doubt it!

I love the movie Limitless. The only problem is that I became frustrated after watching the movie, as I wanted some NZT desperately, but knew it was just science fiction. But that didn’t stop me from looking all over the Internet in the hopes of finding a brain pill that can actually make me smarter. It turns out, there actually is a real life NZT pill. Not quite as powerful as the Limitless brain pill, but still, a pill that helps you focus and concentrate. Which by itself is super useful already. So what’s this pill and should you be taking it?

Well the brain supplement is called Lumonol, and details are explained in the video below:

So does it work? Well, it does. But don’t get your hopes up too much as it’s not quite the miracle drug some people will have you believe. It’s one of the better Nootropic (brain pills) supplements out there, but it won’t turn you into a genius overnight unfortunately.

If you want to read a full Lumonol review, I highly recommend you visit the below page, which is probably the best, and most unbiased review I’ve come across online:

To give you an idea of why it works, here’s some of the ingredients of Lumonol:

  • Guarana – much like caffeine, but more powerful
  • Noopept – claimed to be the best and strongest nootropic on the market, leading to memory and concentration improvements.
  • Ginseng – great for memory and boosts energy levels
  • Hordenine – improves motivation, and some studies show an improvement in brain power
  • Picamilon – reliefs anxiety

Most of these ingredients lack scientific evidence, and are not actually proven to work. But plenty of Lumonol reviews actually suggest that this brain pill works. It might not work as well as NZT, but customer reviews do claim an improvement in motivation, brain power and focus. All three are good enough for me, but I would like to understand the side-effects a little better. There are not many side-effects listed, apart from claims that it is safe to take. I’m not convinced, but at least the side effects won’t be as bad as NZT!

It’s not cheap, it lack scientific evidence, and I’m not sure just how safe it is to take. However, customer reviews are positive, and I’m tempted to try it!

An update will be posted when I order Lumonol and try it myself!

Leave a comment to let me know if you’ve tried Lumonol or any other brain supplement, and let me know whether it actually works?

Why Intelligence Is Irrelevant!

How do you define intelligence? What actually is intelligence? It means different things to different people. Some talk about IQ (how well you do at taking a standardized test),while others say that is irrelevant and prefer to use EQ (which is emotional intelligence).

I personally think you can’t define it in either way, at least not using traditional metrics.

I believe the definition has nothing to do with how well you take an IQ test, or how well you answer EQ related questions. I believe it has everything to do with common sense, and how you use your brain to navigate through life’s real problems. Not made up ones. Who really cares whether you can answer mathematical questions with no real life relevance. Can you succeed in life? That’s the relevant question to be asking yourself.

There is a great article debating the usefulness of the IQ test in the Scientific American. The article is aptly named. Who do smart people sometimes do dumb things? My answer, because they are not really smart.

This video explains it very well!

What do you think? Do you think you are smart?